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Marketplace health insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions, mental health and pregnancy. Most families qualify for help paying for their health insurance plans.

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Learn more about this plan and if you qualify for lower monthly premiums

Find out if you qualify for subsidies (lower monthly premiums). Most families do qualify for lower premiums. Get a quote for you and your family or book an appointment with a local Utah health insurance agent. You can book a phone, virtual or office appointment. 

Is your doctor and hospital in network?

Here you can search on the provider's website to see if your preferred doctor and hosptial are in network. Have questions or need help searching? Please feel free to reach out to your agent. We're happy to help with this for free. 

Is your prescription covered?

You can research to see if your prescription is covered. If you are diabetic and taking an insulin, the search results will show that your insulin is covered, but sometimes it does not show the correct copay or cost sharing amount on the link. Please reach out to one of our local agents to verify your prescription costs. 

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Below is the link to log into your client portal. Most companies have an app you can also download onto your phone. You can look up doctors, pay a bill, pay your premium, update your payment and see your explanations of benefits in your portal.  

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Schedule a consultation with a local Utah health insurance agent

We're happy to meet with your in-person or over the phone to help you with your health insurance needs. We can help you with health insurance on or off the marketplace, Medicare Advantage & supplements, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance or accident plans. Thank you for letting us be your advocate. Best part, is our help is always free! 


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Primary Care Visit

Specialty Care Visit

Mental Health Visit

Urgent Care Visit

Er Visit

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Children's Eye Exam

Children's Glasses

Children's Dental Check Up



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$Mental Health Copay

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$ER Visit cost



Children's Eye Exam

Children's Glasses

Children's Dental Checkup