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Allstate Accident Plan with Sickness Hospitalization, Cancer, and Heart Attack Riders

Elevate your protection to a whole new level with our Accident Plan, now featuring unbeatable add-ons! Whether it's accidental injuries like broken bones, stitches, or concussions, rest assured that our plan, with benefits ranging from $2,500 to a remarkable $17,500, has got you covered. But here's the game-changer: we offer a Sickness Hospitalization Rider that pays the full benefit if you're hospitalized for just 24 hours, ensuring financial security during unexpected health setbacks. And that's not all! Our Cancer/Heart Attack Rider delivers peace of mind with benefits paid upon the first diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, or stroke. Plus, our benefits pay you directly, so you can focus on recovery, not the bills. Don't let life's uncertainties hold you back – choose our enhanced Accident Plan and step into each day with confidence and unwavering peace of mind!



The company that provides and manages your insurance coverage. You pay your insurance premiums, which are regular payments to maintain your coverage, directly to the carrier.

Plan Year


An insurance plan year typically spans one year from the date that you enrolled in the plan. At the start of each new year, plans reset, and any deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and benefits calculations begin anew.

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Accidental insurance is a vital safety net for those seeking financial protection in the face of unexpected injuries, such as broken bones, concussions, or the need for stitches. This type of insurance plan offers peace of mind by covering medical expenses incurred due to accidental injuries. With a reasonable $250 deductible, individuals can select a benefit level that suits their needs, ranging from $2,500 to $25,000.

This type of coverage is not just about financial protection; it's about providing peace of mind, ensuring that individuals can focus on their recovery without the added stress of medical bills. Accidental insurance, with its customizable benefit levels and diminishing deductible, offers a practical solution for those who value both their health and financial well-being. It's a wise choice for safeguarding against the uncertainties of life's unexpected accidents.

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Optional Hospital Rider

A hospital rider is a valuable addition to an accident insurance plan, providing crucial coverage in the event that an individual requires an overnight stay in the hospital due to illness. This rider acts as a financial safety net, offering peace of mind to policyholders and their families during challenging times. It ensures that medical expenses associated with hospitalization, such as room charges, medical procedures, and necessary treatments, are covered, thereby alleviating the financial burden that can often accompany unexpected illnesses.

What sets this hospital rider apart is that it also allows policyholders to select a benefit level that suits their needs, ranging from $2,500 to $15,000. This means that depending on the chosen benefit level, individuals or their loved ones will receive a lump sum payment in addition to the coverage for hospital expenses. This benefit can be used once per year per member and up to two times per family.  

Optional Cancer & Heart Attack Rider

A cancer, heart attack, and stroke rider is a valuable addition to your insurance portfolio, providing critical coverage in the event of a life-altering health crisis. This rider offers a lump-sum payout upon diagnosis of any of these specified critical illnesses.

Choosing this rider is a prudent decision as it offers financial protection during times of immense physical and emotional strain. Upon the diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, or stroke, policyholders receive a lump-sum benefit that can be used for various purposes. This payout can cover not only medical expenses but also non-medical costs such as home modifications, debt repayment, or even a much-needed family vacation to aid in recovery and improve the quality of life.

The one-time payout per lifetime ensures that policyholders have a financial safety net when they need it most, without worrying about future occurrences of these critical illnesses. It's a powerful tool to safeguard your financial well-being while focusing on your health and recovery. This rider represents a thoughtful and forward-looking approach to insurance, offering peace of mind for policyholders and their families during life's most challenging moments.

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How this plan pays you for broken bones and stitches

An accident plan offers a crucial safety net by providing direct financial support to individuals following accidental injuries, such as broken bones, stitches, or concussions. This type of insurance typically allows policyholders to seek immediate medical attention without worrying about the financial burden. When an accident occurs, the plan pays the policyholder directly, facilitating prompt medical treatment and recovery. This streamlined process ensures that individuals can quickly access the care they need, covering expenses like medical bills, hospital stays, and other related costs. In times of unexpected accidents, an accident plan serves as a reliable and efficient resource, offering financial relief when it's needed most, and allowing individuals to focus on their recovery without added financial stress.

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Step 1: Seek medical attention

Immediately seek medical attention after an accident or injury. Your well-being is a top priority, and timely treatment is crucial for your recovery. Keep all medical records, bills, and documentation related to your injury and treatment.

Step 2: Contact Utah Avenue Insurance

Call Utah Avenue to get in touch with your local agent and initiate the claims process. Your agent will guide you through the necessary steps and help you complete the required paperwork. Be sure to provide accurate and detailed information about your accident, injuries, and medical treatment.

Work closely with your local agent to gather all the required documentation, such as medical bills, receipts, and proof of lost income due to the injury. Your local agent can even submit this paperwork for you promptly to the insurance company.

Once the insurance company receives your claim, they will review it to ensure it meets their criteria and policy terms. Your local agent will advocate on your behalf during this process, helping to address any inquiries or additional information requests.

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Step 3: Get Paid

Upon approval, you will receive payment directly from the insurance company. These funds are meant to cover your medical expenses and compensate for any lost income due to the accident. Make sure to use these funds responsibly to address your injury-related costs promptly.

Full Summary of Benefits and Helpful Links

 Official documents, such as your insurance policy or Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), outline the details of your coverage, including deductibles, copayments, and covered services. Provider links, often available through your insurance company's website, offer directories of in-network healthcare professionals and facilities, helping you find the right doctors and hospitals that are covered by your plan. Utilizing these resources can empower you to make informed healthcare decisions and effectively navigate your insurance coverage.

Helpful Links

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This is a quick snapshot of the most popular copays, deductibles, and coinsurance that you would be responsible for on this dental plan. Preventative services include dental cleanings, exams and x-rays. Most plans cover your preventative care every 6 months with no waiting period. Basic dental work includes minor services like filling a cavity and may have a waiting period before these services will be covered on your plan. Major work includes services like crowns and root canals and may have a waiting period before these services are covered. Dentures and implants are normally NOT included in dental insurance. If you need coverage for these services, please let your local agent know so that you have a plan that includes those services.

To learn what each of the terms mean, please visit our terms and definitions page. Copays and coinsurance listed are amounts that you would pay after deductible unless specified otherwise. This is not a full list of services included on the plan. This snapshot is not guaranteed to be accurate. To verify plan benefits or for full details please see the full summary of benefits or or get a complete terms of coverage on the health plan carrier's website.  

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