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Helping Utahns Avoid the 30% Rate Increases in Today's Insurance Marketplace reported this morning that rates for health insurance plans on the individual marketplace are likely to rise by an average of 30 percent next year, citing the Utah Department of Insurance.

Nov. 1 marks the beginning of the fourth open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act - AKA Obamacare. And although headlines are turning it into ObamaSCARE, there really is nothing to fear. Most individuals who shop around for plans, and use the help of a seasoned agent w

ith the knowledge to navigate the often confusing health insurance exchange see only a marginal increase to out of pocket insurance expenses.

Agents at Utah Avenue Insurance know the marketplace inside and out. They can help families get the subsidies they need to make insurance affordable. The majority of people in the individual insurance market will see increases in the 8-10% range for premiums next year.

"Individuals need to walk through the application with an agent who knows the website's inner workings. We help our clients understand the exchange and the many options available to save them money without sacrificing coverage or provider choices. There really are more affordable options available to families than most people know about, and we can help guide individuals along the way," says Colin Logue, owner of Utah Avenue Insurance.

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