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Spotlight on Bill Hansen

As an insurance agent specializing in Medicare, I meet some inspiring individuals who have experienced more in one lifetime than imaginable. Bill Hansen is one of those people.

Bill’s father served in the Navy while Bill was a child. They traveled often and he found yearning for adventure from a young age. As a kid who loved science and physics, he remembers amazement at watching Sputnik fly over his home in Washington.

Starting at the age of 10, Bill worked during the summers to earn enough for the Sears radio he wanted, it was $21.95 and he just had to have it. He started his employment adventure picking up windfall apples for a small wage. He tried out a variety of seasonal jobs during his early years, and later followed in his dad’s footsteps, joining the Navy and serving as a gunner on a ship.

When he returned home he worked at all sorts of jobs from Florida to Oregon. He honed many talents through his endeavors, from operating a D7 Caterpillar to taking care of hogs. He eventually made his way to New Mexico to work on the Strategic Defense Initiative, nicknamed Star Wars, during the Cold War.

For a few years after that, he and his wife Nancy lived off-grid in California. They later moved to Hawaii so Nancy could work at the Gemini Observatory. There is where Bill developed a knack for wood carving and making primitive weaponry.

When I met Bill & Nancy to help them with their transition to Medicare, Bill shared some of his carved wood implements with me. I was in awe of a Makau, a type of Hawaiian fish hook, he had created that emulates Maui’s great hook.

As I marveled at Bill’s many talents, I was honored to have been welcomed into his Genola home. His fascinating drive and diversity of talents is an inspiration to me. I hope that along the road of life, I can draw as much knowledge and insight from my experiences as Bill has. He lives a rich and interesting life and possesses unique knowledge gleaned from his travels.

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