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Dental and Vision Insurance

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Dental and Vision Insurance

Great dental insurance with vision included at no extra cost

We have great options for dental and vision insurance that includes benefits in one low monthly premium. Cleanings are covered 100% after the $100 deductible. You can choose between a $1000, $1500 or $2000 maximum benefit per person per year. There is no waiting period for basic work like getting cavities filled and you get 60% covered. Major work has a 9 month waiting period then you get 60% covered. The vision portion reimburses your exams 100% and has a 9 month waiting period to reimburse you for glasses or contacts. This plan will reimburse 60% up to $200 for your contacts or glasses. The benefits of this plan increase every year. The second year you get 70% coverage and the 3rd year it maxes out at 80% coverage.

Dental and Vision Insurance

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