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Does your Insurance Cover Accidents?

Your health insurance plan doesn't cover everything—its not supposed to.

That's where supplemental plans and plan riders come in.

Accident and Sickness Hospitalization riders help you pay for what other plans won't! They are especially great with high deductible health plans. The rider will cover the costs that are NOT covered while you're still meeting the deductible and max-out-of-pocket for your health plan.

When you have an accident rider, you have a plan for the unpredictable.

Accident riders provide coverage for broken bones, stitches, and more. This rider helps you plan for the unpredictable. You can have fun AND be prepared! When starting the rider, there's no waiting period for accident coverage!

Here's an example: Mark was painting the living room when he fell off the ladder and broke his ankle. He has a health insurance plan with a $5,000 out-of-pocket limit and accident rider with a $5,000 benefit level. The treatment for his ankle was $2,500. His primary medical plan paid $0, but his accident rider covered $2,250. Mark was only responsible for the remaining $250.

A Sickness Hospitalization rider is included to get you lump-sum benefits!

The Sickness Hospitalization rider covers appendicitis, pneumonia, and more. This type of supplemental insurance adds coverage to protect your family from out-of-pocket costs you can’t see coming.

Here's an example: Donna was admitted to the hospital with a burst appendix. She has a primary medical plan with a $5,000 out-of-pocket limit and a sickness rider with a $5,000 benefit level. Her treatment totaled $9,300. Her primary medical plan paid $4,300, and her sickness rider covered $5,000. Donna didn't have to pay anything out-of-pocket!

Find the best insurance fit for your family.

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