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Are you making changes in 2020

Big and small life changes can mean changes in your health insurance. These changes may qualify you for a special election period.

In health insurance, there are two times you can change your health insurance. One is called 'open enrollment' and the other is called a 'special election period.'

Open enrollment is at the end of the year. For Marketplace plans, it's from November 1st-December 15th. It's a time when everyone has the option to make a change to their health insurance. Health insurance plans change every year, so it's good to look over all your options every year. At Utah Avenue Insurance we study dozens of health insurance plans to find your family the best fit every year.

Special election period is when you or your family qualifies to make a change or sign up for health insurance outside of the open enrollment period. To qualify for a special election period or SEP, you have to had made a change in your household. These changes include moving to a different state, losing health insurance, getting married, starting a business or retiring. There are many other life changes that can qualify you for an SEP. Contact us to see if you qualify.

Small changes in your household can also change your insurance. Although you may not be able to change your insurance, and may not want to, small changes can affect your premium amount. Most common reason is a change in income like getting a raise at work, year end bonuses, or changing how many hours your work.

These small and big changes need to be updated throughout the year. As your local health insurance agent, we can update your applications on the marketplace for you. This way you never need to log on to or call the marketplace again.

If you need to make updates to your health insurance plan, please contact us. You can reach us via phone/text at 801-609-8699 or book an appointment online at

Call/Text: 801-609-8699


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