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Questions about Medicare Part A?

What Is Medicare Part A?

Medicare Part A is hospital insurance for in-patient services.

Three groups of people are eligible for Medicare Part A:

  • people 65 years and older

  • people under 65 years with certain disabilities

  • and people of any age with End-Stage Renal Disease.

How Much Does Medicare Part A Cost?

Very few people pay a premium for Medicare Part A—it’s FREE for most people! People who worked 10 years of Medicare-covered employment will not pay a premium. Those with less than 10 years of Medicare-covered employment can still pay a premium to get Part A coverage.

Unsure if you need to sign up? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did I, or my spouse, work 10 years of Medicare-covered employment?

  • Am I, or my spouse, actively working and covered by an employer plan?

  • Do I want to stop contributing to a Health Savings Account?

Also be aware that if the beneficiary/spouse is eligible for Medicare Part A but not enrolled in Medicare Part A, AND is enrolled in a work plan, the work plan does not have to pay.

What Does Medicare Part A Cover?

Medicare Part A covers stays in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health care, and hospice care. See the chart below for 2021 information.

How Do I Sign Up For Medicare Part A?

One of our local agents can assist you in signing up for Medicare Part A through Our agents are here to help you make the best decision for your individual situation. Call 801-609-8699 or schedule a time to talk to one of our agents below.

Be aware of enrollment deadlines: there may be a penalty for those who delay enrollment.

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