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SelectHealth Medicare Advantage Network Expansion

SelectHealth is expanding their Medicare Advantage Network

We’re pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2022, SelectHealth is adding the University of Utah hospitals, clinics, and providers to its Medicare Advantage network.

This means our Medicare Advantage members will have access to facilities such as the University of Utah Hospital, Moran Eye Center, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Huntsman Mental Health Institute, University Orthopedic Center, and community clinics—including the South Jordan, Sugar House, and Farmington Health Centers. This includes all professional providers, from primary care physicians to specialty and emergency care.

While SelectHealth Advantage members have previously had access to certain University of Utah providers and facilities, this change provides access to the entire range of services and locations available through the University of Utah Health system. Covered services received from these providers will be paid as in-network.

To best serve Medicare beneficiaries, Medicare Advantage members should have access to timely, appropriate care in a manner most convenient to them.

This expansion to our network will:

  • Improve member satisfaction

  • Allow members to see the primary care and specialty providers of their choice

  • Provide access to care in locations closest to members’ homes

“This expansion of our network opens many doors for SelectHealth Advantage members. Not only does it provide Medicare Advantage members with broader options, it presents SelectHealth with great opportunities for growth. By providing additional availability, access, and touchpoints to care, we can help keep these members healthy—an essential element of advancing our mission of Helping People Live the Healthiest Lives Possible,” says Mark Wankier, Director of Provider Development at SelectHealth.

Providers and facilities will not be listed in SelectHealth print or online directories until July 1, 2022. In the meantime, you can search for physicians, clinics, and more at

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