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Traveling and Health Insurance

Utah is full of explorers, travelers, adventure seekers and those that just want to see it all. If your new year's resolution is to travel more, Utah Avenue Insurance wants to show you some of the benefits your health insurance plan has for you.

Utah Avenue Insurance offers three main types of health insurance and multiple supplement plans to compliment your health insurance. Marketplace plans, private health insurance and Medicare are the three main types of health insurance. Accident plans are the most common supplemental plans, but we also offer hospital sickness plans, cancer indemnity plans, dental, vision and more.

When traveling, you never expect to get sick or have an emergency, but it's nice to know that your health insurance still has you covered. We'll start with some of the benefits of Marketplace plans. You may know these plans as Obamacare or subsidized plans.

Marketplace Plan Traveling Benefits

If you are traveling in the USA and have an accident or medical emergency, you'll want to use the ER benefit of your plan. All emergency rooms, whether they are in your plan's network or not, must accept your health insurance plan as stated. This means they can only bill you the copay or coinsurance amount stated in your plan.

The other benefit you may have is for when you get sick on vacation and need a prescription. Did you know that you can face time with a doctor and go over your symptoms. Then they can write and send a prescription to a pharmacy close to your hotel or recommend an over the counter remedy to make your trip better while your sick. This benefit is sometimes free or has a small copay.

These two benefits should put your mind at ease so you can enjoy your family vacation. If you have other health concerns about traveling with your family, you may want to book an appointment and discuss options like supplemental insurance or travel insurance.

Medicare Traveling Benefits

The benefits for seniors with Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plans are awesome. If you have a medical emergency or accident and need to go to the ER, you can visit any ER in the world and they must accept your plan as stated. With either a supplement or advantage plan, you may have a small deductible or copay for this service. If you went to the ER and are admitted to that hospital, they also must accept your plan as stated, no matter where you travel in the world.

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you may visit doctors and hospitals within your network. Most of these networks are nationwide. If you have plans to travel, let us look up close facilities for you ahead of time.

If you have a Medicare Supplement plan, you can go to any doctor or facility that accepts Medicare. They must accept your plan as stated. You'll have a much bigger network to choose from. If you are traveling and want us to look up doctors or hospitals close to where your traveling, please don't hesitate to ask.

Private Health Insurance Benefits

If you travel a lot in the summer or only live in Utah part time, you may want to consider a private health insurance option with National General. This has also been a great option for those that don't qualify for subsidies on the Marketplace. National General is a national private health insurance that follows the Aetna PPO Choice network. They have thousands of doctors, hospitals and urgent care facilities in their network.

We love their urgent care benefit. With only a $50 copay, most of your medical emergencies and sickness needs are taken care of. Some of their plans also offer tele-health (facetiming with a doctor) at no extra cost as well.

Dental Traveling Benefits

Trying new foods is one of our favorite things to do while we travel. But what happens if you chip a tooth or brake a crown? This can be very painful and you don't want to wait or miss out on all the great food. We love Dental Select for this reason. It's the dental insurance company we recommend the most because the have great rates, great benefits and they are a national company. So if you have Dental Select, you can usually find a dentist in their network close to your hotel or campsite. If you can't find one close to you or get an appointment fast enough, Dental Select offers out of network discounts as well.

Accident Insurance Benefits

If you're the adventuring traveler, you may want to consider accident insurance plan to compliment your health insurance plan. This type of insurance will send you a check if you are have an accidental medical emergency. So if you're a rock climber, mountain biker, skier, or hiker let us get you a quote today. Then you can double dip on your insurance benefits. You get the discounts from your health insurance and a check from your accident plan.

Happy and Safe Travels

We hope that travel and adventure are in your future. It is one of the greatest joys when we get to explore and go on new adventures with our family and friends. If you have any questions on what your health insurance plan covers or finding doctors and facilities close to where you travel, please contact us today! You can reach us via phone/text at 801-609-8699 or book an appointment online at

Call/Text: 801-609-8699


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