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The Extra Cost of Liability Insurance

I went camping with extended family this memorial weekend and one of my extended family members crashed her ATV. She walked away fine but the ATV did not.I had to make a difficult call this week when I found out they only had liabilty only insurance. So unfortunately their ATV is not covered for any of the damage and they will pay out of pocket for the hundreds of dollars in repairs needed. For a few dollars more each month you can have full coverage on your play toys including boats, trailors, personal watercrafts, ATVs and more. Please call me today and we can assess what coverage you may need on all your equiptment so you can have a safe and protected holiday.

The Utah Insurance Department states:

With the longer days and warmer weather, many of you will change gears from snowmobiles, snow skiing, and other winter outdoor activities to ATV’s (OHV’s), boats and personal watercraft, travel trailers, and other related outdoor activities.

It is a good time to assess insurance needs for the personal property you own, rent, or may borrow in your enjoyment of these activities.

Many of you will be transporting three to four ATV’s; or one or two, two-seater type units on a trailer being towed by your SUV or truck. Same thing with your personal watercraft, you are probably towing around significant dollar value units. Unless you have specific coverage for these units, they will not be covered if you are involved in an accident, not to mention the cost of the trailer or other unit you are using to transport the units. Your greatest risk of damage is likely when you have them all loaded up, in tow.? It is easy to have $20,000 to $75,000 of property value behind your vehicle.

We suggest you check with your local agent to ensure you have adequate coverage for the risk exposures you may encounter. Don’t assume you have coverage.

Mandatory liability coverage does not protect you from damage to your own personal property or personal property you have borrowed or rented. In other words, it does not provide physical damage coverage.

Another consideration is personal injury to you and your passengers if you were to have an accident. Do you have insurance that would cover you in this situation? Do your passengers have insurance to cover them in this situation? Will you be responsible for the medical expenses incurred by your passenger?

Make sure to provide enough information to your agent so they are able to assist you in determining what coverage you may need.

Enjoy the upcoming warm weather with the peace of mind of knowing you have taken the necessary precautions to avoid potential financial hardship while engaging in these wonderful spring, summer and fall activities.

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