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Battling News Overload & Aging Brain

These helpful tips are not only good for news overload and going stir crazy in your homes, but also battling aging brain.

Big and small activities can strengthen communication between brain cells with activities that keep you engaged.

Try a big jigsaw puzzle, crossword puzzle, Sudoku puzzles and brain teasers. Don't limit yourself to one type of puzzle. Different parts of our brain become engaged depending on the type of puzzle.

Take time to learn something new. This can be simple like trying a new recipe, learning a new card game, or learning a new craft like painting or cross stitching. You can also teach someone something new that you are a master at.

Try or do something new. Have a new menu item at a restaurant you love, try going down a new street when you go for a walk, or put your phone on military time.

When you are social, keep your brain active by complimenting everyone you come in contact with.

It's important that the activity you try is challenging, but not impossible. If you try something too hard, it can become frustrating. Finding the right activity varies from person to person, so try a few different activities to see what fits for you.

Getting 30 minutes of exercise a day has benefits for your brain. According to the National Institute on Aging, it can increase blood flow to the brain, and help strengthen connections between the brain cells.

Keep your regular sleep schedule. Your brain needs rest to think clearly, solve problems, and calmly react to stress in your life. Create calm bedtime routines to train your body and brain it's time to rest. Listening to soft music, warm baths, meditating and turning down the lights can help your body it's time to sleep.

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