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Best Plans for Mental Health Services

Our agents have a lot of experience looking at plan to find the best option for you. If you're looking for an affordable plan with cheap or FREE mental health services, we've got some great options for you!

SelectHealth Mental Health Benefits

Most of the SelectHealth plans include mental health services with copays from $0 to $50 BEFORE the deductible. This means that the benefit is available immediately when your plan starts. Some SelectHealth Silver plans include mental health services at a $0 copay$0 copay means it's FREE! These are some of the best plans for weekly mental health visits.

Depending on your plan, the average copay for your visits will be between $0 and $50. Contact your agent if you're not sure which plan you have.

The SelectHealth 7800 Expanded Bronze plan is one of our favorite bronze plans on the marketplace. It's a popular choice among our clients too! The plan benefits are included before the deductible. Mental health office visits are provided with a $40 copay, with unlimited visits for the year.

The SelectHealth 8700 Expanded Bronze plan also has a $0 copay for office visitsyour visits are FREE! This is the best bronze plan for weekly therapy visits. This plan usually costs a little more than other bronze plans, but if you are seeing a therapist weekly, the higher premium is worth the price.

ALL virtual mental health visits through SelectHealth Marketplace plans are FREE, except for HSA plans. SelectHealth also typically matches the copay for your primary care visits and the copay for your mental health office visits. This is an easy way to check what you will pay for an office visit.

Regence BXBS Mental Health Benefits

Regence is another company where ALL the silver plans include mental health services at the plan copay amount BEFORE the deductible. This means the benefit is available as soon as your plan starts.

The Regence office visit copays for mental health range from $10 to $25.

University of Utah

The Silver U of U plans also include mental health services at the plan copay amount BEFORE the deductible. The office visit copays for the silver plans range from $10 to $30, depending on your plan. Check with your agent to see where your plan falls in the copay range.

The U of U Healthy Premier Bronze 3 Copay plan offers three mental health office appointments per year at a $45 copay. Any visits after the first three will be a 40% coinsurance payment after your deductible is met. If you are planning on only a few visits throughout the year, this is good bronze plan for you.

The U of U Healthy Preferred Expanded Bronze plan differs from the Bronze 3 copay plan because the benefits allow for unlimited mental health visits for a $50 copay for each visit. If you are looking at more frequent visits, this will be a better bronze plan for you.

Bright Health

The Bright Health 8700 & $0 Mental Health Plan is exactly what it sounds like: you have a $0 copay for all mental health office visits—that means the visits are FREE! The benefits are available before the deductible, so they will begin soon as you start the plan.

Native American Plans

ALL mental health visits are FREE on ALL Native American marketplace plans. If you have any questions about your plan, contact your agent at 801-609-8699 or schedule an appointment below. If you want to know more about Native American plans, click here.

Our Recommendations for Therapists

Our agents (and reception staff!) have gathered some resources for you to use in your search. And remember that our help as local insurance agents is always free—whether you are our client or not.

The list linked below was specifically created for the LGBTQ+ community in Utah, but most of these clinics see all sorts of clients! True Self Counseling, which recently relocated to Pleasant Grove, has in-office and virtual meetings for child, teen, and adult therapy. They are not specifically an office for LGBTQ+ clients, and are a great option for all ages.

We always suggest checking out the list for The LGBTQ+ Affirmative Psychotherapist Guild of Utah. You are able to filter this list by insurance coverage, and other specifics, so if you already have an insurance plan you like, you can find therapists and mental health providers in your network!

If you have SelectHealth insurance, they have a Advocates Department that will give you a few options for therapists in your area, in your network, that specialize in the type of care you need. You can the Member Advocates at 800-515-2220. Talk to your agent if you have questions.

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