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SelectHealth Plans: Your Local Partner for Health Insurance in Utah

Navigating SelectHealth Plans: A Comprehensive Guide from Your Local Agent

Are you considering SelectHealth Insurance for your healthcare needs in Utah? If so, you're in good hands. As a local agent at Utah Avenue Insurance, we understand the importance of finding the right health insurance plan tailored to your unique needs. Let's delve into what makes SelectHealth stand out and how we can assist you in navigating their offerings.

In this article we'll be talking about SelectHealth plans offered on the Marketplace or On Marketplace plans, most individuals and families can get help paying for their monthly premium based on household size, income, zip code and birthday. SelectHealth has offered plans on the Marketplace for over a decade and has a long history of rich benefits and great customer service.

Understanding SelectHealth Plans

SelectHealth Insurance offers a range of Marketplace health plans designed to cater to diverse needs. As a local agent in Utah, we've witnessed firsthand the value they bring to our community. Two of the most popular plan options on the Marketplace include Silver and Bronze plans.

Silver plans typically offer a balance between affordable monthly premiums and low out-of-pocket costs, making them ideal for those seeking great coverage with richer benefits. Individuals and families who qualify for silver plans include those with lower incomes. For example, a family of 4 making under $60,000 could qualify for those richer benefits on the silver plans. On the other hand, Bronze plans often feature lower monthly premiums but higher out-of-pocket expenses, suitable for individuals who prioritize affordability. What sets SelectHealth apart is their $0 deductible plans, providing flexibility and transparent cost-saving opportunities for policyholders.

SelectHealth Network of Hospitals and Doctors

Their extensive network of hospitals encompasses the renowned institutions Intermountain Healthcare (IHC), ensuring access to quality care across the region. For many Utahans, this is the preferred hospital of choice for surgeries and labor and delivery. So if you are wanting the IHC hospital in network with your plan on the Marketplace, SelectHealth would be a great choice. Do keep in mind that for emergency room visits, you can go to the closest hospital regardless of network and get the care that you need.

SelectHealth's marketplace networks further exemplify their dedication to accessibility. They have 3 networks to choose from which are the Signature, Value, and Med network. The Signature network is their smallest network and only includes some doctors in Utah and Salt Lake county. The benefit of the Signature network is a lower premium. As long as your doctors are covered, this is a great option. The Value network is the most popular network and includes northern Utah and some of the St George area. This network of doctors and hospitals is large and makes finding a doctor close to you easy. SelectHealth's largest network is the Med network. While this plan can come with a slightly higher premium, you're assured of comprehensive coverage spanning Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Colorado. This extensive reach ensures that individuals and families can access healthcare services wherever they reside.

Gym Reimbursement

SelectHealth goes the extra mile in promoting wellness through its gym reimbursement program. This initiative encourages members to prioritize their physical health by offering $240 per member, with a generous cap of $580 per family for gym memberships. By incentivizing regular physical activity and providing financial support for fitness endeavors, SelectHealth empowers individuals and families to lead healthier, more active lifestyles. This commitment to holistic well-being aligns perfectly with our mission at Utah Avenue Insurance, where we prioritize not just coverage, but the overall health and happiness of our clients.

Embracing Accessibility and Quality Care with Virtual Visits

At SelectHealth, accessibility is paramount. Many of their plans include $0 copay for virtual primary care and mental health visits, reflecting their commitment to holistic wellness. This feature resonates with our ethos at Utah Avenue Insurance, where we prioritize ensuring every client receives comprehensive care tailored to their needs. We love that this benefit is included on most of their plans. Busy moms and dads love that they don't have to take extra time out of their day to drive to doctor appointments. Getting $0 copays on virtual mental health visits not only saves you money on the care you need, but makes getting the help you need convenient and accessible to everyone.

Supporting Diversity and Inclusion

SelectHealth's commitment to diversity and inclusion aligns with our values at Utah Avenue Insurance. We take pride in assisting LGBTQ clients in accessing the care they deserve, free from discrimination. With SelectHealth, individuals can rest assured knowing that their mental health therapists prioritize affirming care, steering clear of harmful practices like conversion therapy.

Furthermore, SelectHealth's coverage extends to essential services like hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and transgender surgery, empowering individuals to pursue their healthcare journey with dignity and respect. At Utah Avenue Insurance, we can direct you to a SelectHealth advocate to guide you through your journey and get the pre-authorizations needed for your gender affirming care and surgeries.

Utah Avenue's Favorite SelectHealth Plans of 2024

At Utah Avenue Insurance, we have a few favorite SelectHealth plans that we highly recommend to our clients based on their exceptional benefits and value. One such plan is the SelectHealth 5900 Silver. This plan stands out for its $0 deductible, meaning members can access healthcare services without having to meet a deductible first. Additionally, the $0 copay for primary care and mental health visits makes it easy for individuals to prioritize their overall well-being without worrying about additional out-of-pocket costs. With a low maximum out-of-pocket limit of $3000, this plan provides peace of mind while ensuring comprehensive coverage. Click here to explore the benefits in detail or to get a quote on this plan.

Another favorite among our clients is the Silver 3000 plan offered by SelectHealth. This plan not only covers essential healthcare services but also includes coverage for CPAP and sleep studies, catering to individuals with specific medical needs. Similar to the SelectHealth 5900 Silver, this plan features $0 copay for primary care and mental health visits, prioritizing preventive care and mental wellness. With its comprehensive coverage and emphasis on sleep health, the Silver 3000 plan is a popular choice for individuals seeking holistic healthcare coverage. Click here to explore the benefits in detail or to get a quote.

Lastly, we can't overlook the Bronze 0 Copay plan, which has captured the hearts of many of our clients for its simplicity and predictability. With a $0 deductible and fixed copays for most medical services, members can easily budget for healthcare expenses without unexpected surprises. This plan offers a balance between affordability and coverage, making it an excellent option for individuals and families looking for reliable healthcare coverage. With its transparent pricing and comprehensive benefits, the Bronze 0 Copay plan exemplifies SelectHealth's commitment to accessible and affordable healthcare for all. Click here to explore the benefits in detail or to get a quote.

Your Local Partner in SelectHealth

As your local agent at Utah Avenue Insurance, we're here to simplify the process of choosing a SelectHealth plan. Our dedicated team works closely with SelectHealth representatives to address any client concerns promptly. Whether you're evaluating coverage options or verifying provider networks and prescription drug coverage, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

In conclusion, SelectHealth Insurance offers a comprehensive array of marketplace health plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of Utah residents. With their commitment to accessibility, quality care, and inclusivity, SelectHealth stands as a beacon of excellence in the health insurance landscape. And as your trusted local agent, Utah Avenue Insurance is here to ensure you find the perfect SelectHealth plan for you and your family. Let's embark on this healthcare journey together!


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