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Quarantine Bucket List- Easter Edition

Our Easter traditions always involve friends, family, food, and fun. This year, we have to make some changes to our regular routine to keep our loved ones safe. We've put together a basket full of ideas to help you make this year special for the whole family.

We know that Easter dinner is going to be a little different this year, but that doesn't mean that it can't be memorable. We've got some ideas to help make the day eggs-tra special without having to visit the store.

1. Bread making has become a weekly event for most of us. This week, mix it up a bit by making Bunny Buns. Use your favorite bread recipe and a little creativity to make bunny shaped rolls for your Easter Dinner. Check out our favorite bread recipe.

2. If your little ones love tea parties, Easter weekend is the perfect time to don your best Easter dress, hat & gloves for a proper tea party. Enjoy home-made goodies, or a plate full of Peeps.

3. This Easter, let the kids get more involved in decorating the table. Without any guests to impress or places to go, we can make Easter uniquely our own. Look for fun ideas to spruce up the table that don't involve a trip to the store. Pull out craft paper, embellishments, jewels, pom poms, pipe cleaners and your glue gun and get crafty. Help the kids make Easter themed place mats, napkin rings, party favors, place cards, and center pieces. Be sure to take lots of pictures, because it will be an Easter dinner to remember for years to come.

4. Since we don't have to travel anywhere for Easter, or worry too much about getting ready on time, this is the perfect year to indulge in Easter breakfast fun. Bunny pancakes are a favorite. You can also let the kids decorate Easter egg-shaped pancakes with fruit, berries, nuts, and sprinkles. Just for fun, use some food coloring to dye the batter pastel pink, blue, green or purple. Check out our favorite pancake recipe for delicious buttermilk pancakes from scratch.

We know that we're all going a little stir crazy. No one more so than the kids. If you've got a box, bucket, basket or bag full of empty plastic eggs stashed away somewhere, we've got some fun ideas to get the kids out of their rut and bouncing around instead.

5. Duck, Duck, Goose! If there's at least 3 of you at home, there's enough to play. Mix it up by using empty plastic eggs. Instead of running in a circle and tagging each other, after someone has been goosed, they have to run to a basket of empty eggs, pick up a handful, and follow the person who was "it" through a set course-around the yard, house, or field. The goose has a handful chances to hit the "it" person with the egg before they complete the course and sit down.

6. Scavenger Hunt. After the kids go to bed, write out a list of clues on a paper, then cut them up into individual clues. Fold them up and put them each in an egg and hide the eggs in the appropriate place. The next day, when the inevitable boredom sets in, give the kids the first clue, then sit back, relax and let them hunt around the yard and through the house. Make the treasure at the end as big or small as you want, maybe a basket with goodies, an experience like making cookies together, or simply some screen time, a new game or a movie.

7. Angry Birds with Easter Eggs. You'll need a basket full of empty eggs, a small stuffed animal or two, and some random objects from around the house. Start easy, setting up dominoes, blocks or dvd cases around the stuffed animal. Take turns tossing empty Easter eggs to knock the wall down and the first person to hit the stuffy and knock it over wins that round. Make each round more elaborate and play until the first person gets 10 points.

8. Easter Egg Pong. Set up 10 plastic cups in a triangle on the table, in the driveway or on the lawn. Each player gets one color of egg. Take turns tossing empty eggs into the cups. When you get an egg into a cup, turn that cup over or take it away. The player who gets the most eggs in the cups wins.

9. Painted Eggs. With our trips to the store limited and the availability of eggs in short supply, I'm sure many of us are questioning dyeing Easter eggs this year. Instead, pull out some acrylic paint, jewels, ribbons, yarn & glue and decorate plastic eggs. The kids will feel like they're still getting the egg decorating tradition, and who knows, they might want to continue it year after year.

10. Lego my Egg-o. Pull out that bin of Legos and have some Easter fun. Challenge the kids to make some Easter themed projects using only Legos and plastic eggs. First, try to build a tower using a specific number plastic Easter eggs and Legos. The tallest tower wins. For the next challenge, have kids make an Easter bunny out of Legos that can hold Easter eggs. The bunny that can hold the most eggs wins. Finally, try building an egg catapult out of Legos. Kids get points for highest, furthest or most accurate.


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