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Regence Advantages: Discounts already included in your plan

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield is a leading health insurance provider in the United States that offers marketplace health insurance plans to individuals and families. With Regence Advantages, members have access to a range of discounts and services that can help them take charge of their health and well-being.

One of the major advantages of Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield marketplace health insurance plans is the Regence Advantages program. This program provides discounts on a wide range of health-related products and services that members and their families may need. These discounts include fitness devices, gym memberships, allergy relief, alternative medicine, health and wellness products, healthy meals, hearing aids, pet care, vision care, and weight management.

Members can save on Walgreens brand over-the-counter health and wellness products, which is a great way to reduce the cost of essential items such as pain relief medications, vitamins, and supplements. Regence also expands its discounts and offers regularly, so members should check back often to see what new deals are available.

The Regence Advantages program is easy to use. Members simply need to sign in and select the categories they are interested in to see more detailed discount information. For example, if a member is interested in fitness and activities, they can explore discounts on gym memberships, fitness devices, and more. If a member has a pet, they can take advantage of discounts on pet care products and services.

In addition to the Regence Advantages program, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a range of other benefits to its members. These benefits include access to a wide network of healthcare providers, online tools and resources to help members manage their health, and personalized support from customer service representatives.

One of the most significant advantages of Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield marketplace health insurance plans is that members have access to quality healthcare at an affordable price. Regence works with healthcare providers to negotiate lower rates, which can help reduce the cost of medical care for its members.

Activities and Fitness: Regence recognizes the importance of physical activity and its role in achieving overall health and wellness. That's why Regence has partnered with Fitbit to offer members deep discounts on smartwatches and activity trackers. Members can save up to 30% on eligible devices and receive the first year of Fitbit Premium for free. Fitbit Premium provides access to more than 500 on-demand workouts, guided programs, meditation tracks, and more, helping members take their fitness to the next level.

Additionally, Regence offers the Active&Fit Direct™ Program, which provides members with one membership to thousands of ways to stay active and save money. With access to over 12,200 standard gyms, 5,700 premium exercise studios, and 9,300 on-demand workout videos, members can work out from anywhere. The program also offers one-on-one well-being coaching in areas such as fitness, nutrition, stress, and sleep. With no long-term contracts or annual fees, the program is affordable at just $28 a month.

Furthermore, Regence members can enjoy great discounts at health clubs throughout Utah. With so many options to choose from, members can stay active in a way that works best for them, all while saving money. With Regence's partnership with Fitbit, the Active&Fit Direct™ Program, and discounts at health clubs, members have the tools and resources they need to make physical activity a part of their daily routine.

Allergy Relief: Allergies can be a nuisance for many people, and National Allergy offers a wide range of products to help alleviate symptoms. With a 20% discount for Advantages members, you can enjoy even more savings on already low prices. Their products include pillow and mattress encasings, air filtration products, asthma management tools, and more. National Allergy has been a trusted name in allergy relief since 1988, and they have earned the loyalty of over 750,000 customers. If you have any questions about their products, their experts are available to help you find the best solutions for your needs. With a 60-day unconditional return policy, you can shop with confidence and find the relief you need.

Alternative Medicine: Alternative medicine can offer a range of treatment options for those seeking a holistic approach to their health and wellness. Regence has partnered with The CHP Group to offer the CAMaffinity Program, providing discounts on a variety of integrative healthcare services, including chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, and massage therapy. These non-invasive therapies can help reduce pain, inflammation, and stress, as well as improve overall body function and structure. As a Regence member, you can receive a 20% discount on IH services from The CHP Group's network of providers without any restrictions on dollar amounts or the number of visits. Rest assured that each provider is subject to routine credentialing to ensure your safety, and The CHP Group has extensive experience in administering benefits in the field of integrative healthcare.

Health and Wellness Products: Regence and Walgreens are offering a Smart savings 20% discount on eligible Walgreens brand over-the-counter health and wellness products. This discount can be used for a variety of items, including vitamins and supplements, allergy, cold and pain relief, eye care, dental care, baby essentials, and more. To take advantage of the discount, the Smart savings offer needs to be printed and presented at the time of purchase before 12/31/22. Some restrictions apply, including exclusions for prescriptions, tobacco, alcohol, and some other products.

For those looking for discounts on active and healthy activities, The CHP Active & Healthy Program offers thousands of discounts on health clubs, ski resorts, museums, sporting events, and more. With an annual membership of only $15.95, this program provides an affordable way to stay active and enjoy healthy and fun activities.

Healthy Meals: Regence understands the importance of a healthy diet and the impact it can have on overall health and wellness. That's why Regence has partnered with Mom's Meals, a leading provider of nutritious meals for over 20 years. With Mom's Meals, members can enjoy nutritionally balanced, refrigerated, and ready-to-heat-and-eat meals delivered directly to their homes. These meals are medically tailored to support the nutritional needs of most common chronic conditions and are designed by chefs and dietitians. Members have the freedom to choose their meals from an array of options based on their preferences and needs. With compassionate customer service, Mom's Meals treats their customers like family and understands their unique needs.

Hearing Aids: Regence members can save on hearing aids through Amplifon Hearing Health Care and TruHearing® Choice Discount programs. Amplifon offers an average of 56% off retail prices for over 2,800 custom hearing solutions from top brands. Members can also take advantage of a 60-day risk-free trial, 1 year of free follow-up care, 2 years of batteries, and a 3-year warranty with purchase. To learn more about Amplifon, visit their website or call 1 (888) 787-6009.

Through TruHearing®, members can save 30%-60% on state-of-the-art technology from top hearing aid manufacturers. The program provides personalized care and guidance from a dedicated TruHearing Hearing Consultant, as well as local, professional care from an accredited provider in the member's area. The program includes a hearing exam plus 1 year of follow-up visits for fitting and adjustments, and a 60-day risk-free trial and 3-year warranty for worry-free purchase. Additionally, non-rechargeable models come with 80 free batteries per aid.

Pet Care: Regence members can enjoy a waived enrollment fee for Banfield Pet Hospital's Optimum Wellness Plans, which include preventive care packages for pets such as vaccinations, de-worming, annual blood work, and unlimited office visits. Banfield Pet Hospital has over 950 locations nationwide, making it convenient for pet owners to access quality veterinary care. With this discount, members can save between $38.95 to $45.95 depending on their location.

Optimum Wellness Plans offer a comprehensive approach to pet health and wellness, and with the waived enrollment fee, Regence members can take advantage of the program's benefits at a lower cost. Banfield also offers additional services such as dental care, surgery, and diagnostic testing, so pet owners can feel confident that their furry friends are receiving the care they need.

Vision Care: Regence members have access to a range of vision care options, including discounted LASIK surgery through QualSight LASIK. Members can choose from traditional, custom, and bladeless LASIK procedures, with pricing ranging from $945 to $1,795 per eye. QualSight LASIK has over 800 locations nationwide and offers flexible payment options, including interest-free financing for up to 12 months. Members can also save on prescription eyewear with Zenni Optical and Standard Optical. Zenni Optical offers a 5% discount on all prescription eyewear, with complete frames starting at $6.95. Standard Optical offers Regence members a 35% discount on all eyewear, frames, and lenses, as well as a 10% discount on contact lenses with free home delivery. Additionally, the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah offers Regence members discounts on eyewear and contact lenses, with 30% off retail pricing on frames and 20% off retail pricing on lenses and extras.

Weight Management: Regence has partnered with Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers is a weight loss program that helps you lose weight by making healthier choices and developing better eating habits. The program uses a points system called SmartPoints to help you keep track of what you're eating and make healthier choices. Members can also attend in-person meetings for support and accountability or use the online tools for flexibility.

Here are some features of Weight Watchers:

  • Personalized SmartPoints: Each member is assigned a daily SmartPoints budget based on their age, weight, height, and gender. Foods are assigned SmartPoints values based on their nutritional value, and members can use their daily SmartPoints to track what they eat.

  • ZeroPoint foods: Certain foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins have a zero SmartPoints value, so members can eat as much of these foods as they want without going over their daily budget.

  • Digital tools: The Weight Watchers app allows members to track their SmartPoints, connect with other members for support, and access hundreds of recipes and workout ideas.

  • In-person meetings: Members can attend weekly meetings for support, motivation, and accountability. Meetings are led by trained coaches who provide guidance and help members set goals.

  • Virtual coaching: For members who can't attend in-person meetings, Weight Watchers offers virtual coaching through phone or video calls.

  • Community support: Members can connect with other Weight Watchers members through the online community or social media for support and motivation.

Weight Watchers offers different plans to fit different lifestyles and budgets, including the Digital plan, Workshop + Digital plan, and Personal Coaching + Digital plan. Visit the Weight Watchers website to learn more about their programs and pricing.

To see all the specific details and how to utilize the discounts and advantages of being a Regence member, please visit: Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield marketplace health insurance plans offer a range of advantages and discounts that can help members take charge of their health and well-being. With Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, members can get the care they need at a price they can afford.

If you are considering a Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plan, it can be helpful to speak with a local agent who can guide you through the enrollment process and help you choose the right plan for your needs. Regence has a network of agents throughout the country, including at the Utah Avenue location. These agents can answer your questions about the different plan options, explain the benefits and discounts available through the Regence Advantages program, and help you determine if a Regence plan is the right fit for you and your family. To speak with a local agent, simply visit the Regence website or call the customer service number to be connected with an agent in your area.


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