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Team Building in St. George

Our agents in St. George had a great time team building with owner, Colin Logue and family.

They played arcade games, bowled and enjoyed a yummy dinner together. Utah Avenue is a family owned business and we think of all our agents as part of our family. Hosting fun and relaxing time is how we like to connect with our agents. This event was opened to our agents' families so we could get to know spouses and kids too. Ashton and Jackie, Colin's kids, love to bowl. They really enjoyed showing off their skills to everyone.

Our St. George agents say hello and wish a happy new year to you all. They look forward to helping you with all your Medicare and health insurance needs. Utah Avenue Insurance is proud to have such fantastic and dedicated agents in St. George as part of the agency.

If you need to make updates or changes to your health insurance plan, please contact us. You can reach us via phone/text at 801-609-8699 or book an appointment online at

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