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Top 5 Reasons to Call your Insurance Agent

Here are the top 5 reasons to call your health insurance agent:

  1. You got married (or divorced)

  2. You moved

  3. You got a raise (or your income changed)

  4. Your credit card was stolen

  5. You had a baby

We need to know these things! Any of these life changes could effect your insurance, so give us a call or send a text to let us know what's going on. We'll make sure everything is taken care of for you.

Are you sometimes not sure if you should call your agent?

Give us a call anyway! We're here to help, even if it's just to answer a quick question. Remember, our help is always free, so neither a quick question or a longer discussion will cost you.

You don't always have to speak directly with your agent either: try asking our front office staff first! There are lots of things they can help with, and you'll get an immediate response!

How our Office Staff can help:

Currently all the members of our front office staff are licensed in Health, Life, and Accident & Sickness insurance (which includes testing in Medicare plans, and dental, vision, and hearing insurance). That means they can help you out if your agent is not available right away!

Our office staff can help you:

  • with quick questions about your plan

  • review minor benefit details, like copay or coinsurance information

  • change or update information (address, email, phone number, name change, etc.)

  • update payment or billing information, confirm autopay status

  • get plan ID cards or policy numbers

  • add dependents (including new babies!) to your plan

  • get tax forms, like 1095-As

  • find providers in your plan network

  • submit claims and follow through the claim process

  • complete plan eligibility requirements by submitting required documents (social security cards, passports, etc.)

  • update immigration status in plans with visas, social security card, ITIN, etc.

The front office staff is also available to schedule an appointment with your agent if there is something they are unable to help with.

All of the office staff assistance can also be completed by our bilingual receptionist in Spanish.

How your Agent can help:

Your agent can complete all the tasks that the office staff is able to help you with, but usually spends their time getting to the more in-depth questions with you.

Beyond the office staff help, your agent can help you:

  • with detailed questions about your plan

  • review benefit details

  • get accurate quotes for new plans or plan changes

  • learn about plan options for aging into Medicare

  • learn about plan options for aging off a parent's plan (at 26)

  • enroll in new plans

  • update plans based on income changes

  • update plans based on household changes (weddings, divorces, deaths, new dependents, etc.)

  • correct billing mistakes with providers and insurance companies

  • discuss options for medical conditions

Let us know if you have any questions. We're here to help!

Call or text your local agent at 801-609-8699, or schedule an appointment through the link below.

About Utah Avenue Insurance

Utah Avenue Insurance is your local health insurance experts. Our agents are here to help you with all your health insurance questions. Utah Avenue can help you with marketplace (aka Obamacare) plans, private health insurance and Medicare. If you have questions about how your medical insurance plans work or need help enrolling in a plan, we can help you. As always, our service is free to you.

801-609-8699 Call/Text

Give Utah Avenue a call or make an appointment with Utah Avenue Insurance and we'll be happy to help!


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