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health insurance that pays for gym memberships

You may be entitled to gym reimbursements from your health insurance plan. Utah Avenue Insurance can help you get all the money you're entitled to. Getting your reimbursement is easy to set up and Utah Avenue Insurance can help you do this for free. They have local offices in Payson and Springville.

Contact Utah Avenue Insurance to see if your plan has gym reimbursements or rewards like VISA gift cards for being active and getting healthy! Utah Avenue Insurance has local offices in Payson, UT and Springville, UT. Stop in, make an appointment, call or text Utah Avenue to see if your plan qualifies. They also have traveling agents throughout Utah.

801-609-8699 Call/Text
332 S 100 W, Payson, UT 84651
699 S Main Street, Springville, UT 84663

Select Health plans have an awesome benefit for you. They will pay up to $20 per month per person for your gym membership. Getting paid is easy to do and Utah Avenue Insurance can do the paperwork for you for free! That is $240 per person per year you could receive. Select Health has other ways you can get rewarded for being active and healthy. If you track your steps, go for hikes, bike rides and more, you can get rewarded by your Select Health plan with gift cards including VISA gift cards.

Need help with the paperwork? No problem, give Utah Avenue a call or make an appointment with Utah Avenue Insurance and they'll be happy to help!

332 S 100 W, Payson

699 S Main Street, Springville

Call/Text: 801-609-8699


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