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No One Wants to Go to a Nursing Home

Your folks may have said they never want to go to a nursing home. They are determined to stay in their own homes and be independant for as long as possible. Having that independance and freedom is very important to them. How do you ensure that can happen for as long as possible? Getting a home health nurse can be expensive. Based on national averages, a home health aide can cost $154 per day. The other option is to have yourself or family take care of them. However, most people don't want to rely on thier kids for care. To fill the gap between funds for a home health nurse and taking care of your folks yourself is a MutualCare Custom Solution policy with professional home health care rider.

A professional home health care rider makes additional funds available, up to 100% of the maximum monthly benefit, when the insured receives professional services at home. For example, if you purchase a custom solution policy with a $3000 maximum monthly benefit and you add the professional home health care rider, you will have access to up to $6000 per month to help pay for the services of a nurse or other skilled health-care professional. So, if the cost for a professional home health care exceeds the policy's home health care maximum monthly benefit in any given month, you will have additional funds available to help pay for the care of your loved ones.

This rider is the perfect solution so you and other family members don't have the responsibility of being the primary care giver 100% of the time. If you would like to learn how a MutualCare Custom Solution policy can hel your family, please contact me today.

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