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The Value of an Agent

With trends in most markets shifting away from face-to-face relationships in favor of apps, chat-bots, and DIY sites, don't give up a trusted advocate in favor of the internet. Remember, agents work for you, while insurance carriers and their websites work for their investors. Replacing your agent can make your life harder and be much more costly in the long term.

Here's ten more good reasons to keep your agent:

1. Premiums don't change - It doesn't cost any extra to use your agent. Premium rates are regulated by the Department of Insurance.

2. Long term relationships - Utah Avenue is celebrating it's 10th open enrollment in 2018. We stay successful because you are our top priority.

3. Industry expertise - Your agent is licensed and insured. Every year your agent must train and certify on all the products he presents, so your information is accurate and reliable.

4. Changes are easy - Life changes happen outside of open enrollment. Your agent is available throughout the year to facilitate changes like weddings, new babies, and transitioning to Medicare.

5. Payment reminders - Occasionally, everyone misses a bill payment. Your agent stays on top of premium payments to make sure you don't loose your coverage from a simple over site.

6. Your Agent is your advocate - When you get a bill you don't understand, or don't think you should owe, your agent is there to help. Your agent can guide you through disputes and appeals.

7. Application management - Applications can be misleading and confusing. Your agent handles all of the paperwork to ensure your application is accurate and your policy is issued quickly.

8. Advise on new options in the market - Every year plans change, products are added and some are dropped. Your agent carefully reviews all of the choices so he can present the best for your needs.

9. Contacting your agent is easy - With a physical address you can visit, as well as phone, email and text, your agent is easy to reach. Don't settle for automated systems, they don't get you like your agent does.

10. You Agent is Awesome - Your agent contributes to your community by helping with non-profits and service projects, sponsoring local clubs and teams, and hosting fun events throughout the year.

Utah Avenue Insurance agents are available to help you this open enrollment, and every day thereafter. Schedule your no-cost consultation today.

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