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Healthy for the Holidays

We wanted to share the remarkable results that our friends Jessica and Travis are having with their health journey, in case any of you are looking for better health through the Holidays or New Year.

Jessica lost 10 pounds over a 3 years ago now and has kept it off, she sleeps better too. Travis lost 30 pounds and killed it in his latest FULL marathon by shaving off an hour and 15 minutes on his race. Because of that, they decided to become Optimal Health Coaches and are helping people lose weight, feel amazing, get off medications, and learn the healthy habits to help them keep the weight off after they lose it.

Optimal Health Coaches have helped quite a few of our clients, friends, and even our own families, reach their health goals. Many of these people were struggling with the high cost of insulin, and with help from a Coach, they have been able to reduce or eliminate those costs. It has changed so many lives, and we highly encourage you to reach out and have a conversation with either of them if you'd like to get healthy.

You can contact them here, or call our office for more information.

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