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Have a local Utah health insurance agent as your advocate

You have many options for health insurance. A local Utah health insurance agent can help you understand all your choices.

Having an expert on your side doesn't cost you a thing. Utah Avenue Insurance would love to help and educate you on your choices when it comes to health insurance. Our agents are local to Utah with offices in Payson and Springville Utah. So when you need help or have a question, we're close to home.

Our local agents can help you with choosing and enrolling in health insurance and more. We can help you find a local doctor, pharmacy, or facility in your network. Our agents can help you update your plan information if you move, have a baby or change your income. You never need to call the marketplace or stay on hold with the insurance company. Most changes can be made with us in just a few minutes.

If you've ever gotten a bill from a doctor's visit that you don't quite understand, we can help. Most times an incorrect bill is from a coding error. Our agents will call on your behalf to get that resolved. If you have an upcoming procedure, pregnancy, or new medication, we can help you know the estimated costs beforehand and pick a plan that saves you the most with the doctor of your choice.

Best part about having a local health insurance agent on your side? There is never any cost or extra charge for our service. Utah Avenue Insurance wants to be your local advocate. Contact us with all your health insurance questions.

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Choosing a health insurance plan that's right for you

Utah Avenue Insurance can help you with your health insurance questions. Our local Utah health insurance agents can help you understand the different choices you have that fits your needs. Our local agents can take into consideration your primary doctor, medications, pre-existing conditions, planned treatments and health concerns you may have when picking a plan for you. Utah Avenue Insurance also has many great options to supplement your original health insurance plan so that you are fully insured. Contact one of our local Utah agents today. Call/Text 801-609-8699 or schedule an appointment

Understanding how to enroll in Marketplace plans is very confusing. Our local agents are trained experts and can help you navigate your choices. Having a local health insurance agent on your side is a must, plus there is no cost for our service ever!

Obambacare aka Marketplace Health Insurance

Utah Avenue Insurance has options for individuals who don't receive subsidies on the Marketplace. Private health insurance can be a great affordable option for you and your family.

Private Health Insurance

Subsidies are based off your household income, size and zip code. Our local agent can help you get to the right number and give you options when it comes to Marketplace health insurance plans.

Subsidies and How to Calculate them for Marketplace Plans

Qualifying for Marketplace plans can be confusing. Most families can qualify for lower premiums. Our local agents can show you your options and help you enroll.

Who Qualifies for Marketplace Health Insurance?

You have many options for health insurance. A local Utah health insurance agent can help you understand all your choices.

Have a local Utah health insurance agent as your advocate

Utah Avenue Insurance has great options for small group health insurance including plans with national networks.

Employer health insurance for small groups size 2 to 49 employees

Offer a group health insurance plan to your 1099 employees that work in and out of state with no network restrictions.

Group Health Insurance for Companies with 1099 Employees


After working a W-2'd job for years, I'm finally ready to start my own business. What are my options for health insurance?


Congrats on your new venture! One of our local agents can show you choices for health insurance on the marketplace and private health insurance. We'll take into consideration your health needs and budget when when helping you with your options. Contact us today!


How do I know if my family qualifies for subsidies on the Marketplace?


Subsidies are based off of family size, zip code and income. For example, a family of 4 that makes less than $100,000 would qualify for a subsidy. Our local agents can determine if you'll qualify over the phone or by text. Contact us today.


I've been laid off at work and they gave me the option for Cobra. It's so expensive, what are my options?


There are many more options for healthcare besides Cobra. We have great choices from Marketplace plans to private health insurance options. Let one of our local agents show you and your family what choices are available to you. We can help you make an informed decision.


What if I don't qualify for subsidies on the Marketplace. What are my options for health insurance?


Depending on your health needs, we can look at private health insurance options or full price Marketplace plans. Let one of our local agents assess your needs and find a plan or plans that will work for you and your family.



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