Who Qualifies for Marketplace Health Insurance?

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Who Qualifies for Marketplace Health Insurance?

Qualifying for Marketplace plans can be confusing. Most families can qualify for lower premiums. Our local agents can show you your options and help you enroll.

The amount of subsidies, or help paying for your monthly premium, is based off four main things. Household size, ages, zip code and income. Your household includes everyone you include on your taxes as dependents, even if they don't need health insurance. We include those members that don't need health insurance through the Marketplace, because you still receive subsidies for them.

Your income is based on your adjusted gross income or line seven on your taxes. Most income is included in the number. This is point where figuring out if you qualify for subsidies gets confusing. Marketplace plans base subsidy on the amount you make compared to the federal poverty line. As long as your household makes between 100% and 400% above the federal poverty line, you could qualify for a Marketplace plan. For a one person household, 400% is about $49,000 in one year. If you have a family of 5 people, this number is about $120,000 in a year.

Let one of our local agents help you calculate this for you. We can usually get you a quote same day. There is never a charge to you for our service. Let Utah Avenue Insurance be your local health insurance advocate. You can reach us by email, call, text or schedule an appointment online.

Who Qualifies for Marketplace Health Insurance?

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